Cosmetic Dentistry

You Can Have A Perfect Smile!

If you ever dreamed of having a brighter, more beautiful smile, chances are Dr. Schepis can help you achieve your dream. A pleasing appearance creates the feelings of confidence, happiness, and peace of mind. As humans we focus on the visual aspect of beauty. Dr. Schepis’ expertise lies within creating this beauty so you can smile and feel great about it!

New plastic resins and porcelain crowns allow Dr. Schepis to rebuild your teeth to look natural aesthetically pleasing. Also, new whiting compounds can create brilliantly white teeth. Smiles can be misshapen by a number of illnesses, accidents, birth defects, or medications. Teeth can also become stained from years of drinking coffee, tea, and soda. The good news is most issues can be fixed with the advanced technology available at S Dental Specialists.

If you are looking for a stronger, brighter, and more beautiful smile, here are a few options to consider:

Porcelain Veneers

If you suffer from cracked, broken, crooked, or chipped teeth or if you have tried whitening but not found the results you are looking for, veneers may be the choice for you. Dr. Schepis uses ultra-thin porcelain veneers to fill gaps, straighten teeth, cover imperfections and permanently brighten your smile. Porcelain veneers mimic the natural look of enamel to give you that perfect smile you have wanted. With proper care, veneers can last years and withstand everyday wear and staining. Veneers also hold up better than traditional bonding.



Teeth Whitening

Even if your teeth have been stained by years of coffee, tea or tobacco use, our proven system can give you the results you are searching for. Using the latest in whitening systems, Dr. Schepis can quickly give you a bright white smile that you will be proud to show off. The great thing about whitening is almost everyone is a candidate. The Smile Anew whitening system takes less than one hour in the office and causes little to no sensitivity. Following your short office visit you will receive a home care kit containing 10 treatments to continue to whiten and maintain your radiant smile.



Dental Crowns

Also known as a “cap,” dental crowns are a permanent artificial cover for a tooth. Types of crowns include gold, ceramic, porcelain, and other metals. Crowns are typically used if the tooth is too damaged or decayed for other dental options such as veneers, whitening, or bonding.

During a dental crown procedure, Dr. Schepis will first reshape the tooth, and then attach a cap to create a natural-looking smile. Porcelain and ceramic crowns can also be color-matched to the rest of your teeth to create a a tooth that blends in with the rest of your smile!